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How to End Your Father of the Groom Speech

This article deals with the last part (called sometimes “conclusion” or “ending”) of the father of the groom speech. The previous two articles posted on this website were dedicated to the first two portions of this kind of wedding toast: the introduction (called by some people “the opening” of the oration) and the body (the toast’s main section). You can find out more about this standard speech organization (intro, body, conclusion) in the preceding articles published on this website.

Before discussing in more detail the final part of such an oration, I will briefly recapitulate the main ideas that should be covered in the first two important sections of the father of the groom wedding speech. In the first portion, you ought to greet the attendees, welcome them to your son’s wedding and thank them for celebrating there, with you, your family and friends, the union of your son with his lovely partner.

The second part (the main one) should be used for welcoming your new daughter-in-law (who is the new wife of your son, i.e. the bride) in your family, thanking the bride’s parents for the perfect organization of the wedding reception, congratulating your son (the bridegroom) for his perfect choice (his lovely wife), describing your son and offering some recommendations for a happy marital union. The last part (the conclusion) of the father of the groom speech must be used for ending the speech in a pleasant way. This means that, first of all, the main subject of your oration should be re-emphasized in this final section.

You can also opt for summing up the main topics of your toast in its last portion. Blessing the new union and the bride, as well as the bridegroom, is a mandatory task that needs to be accomplished in the same last part of the speech. You could say, for example, that you wish your son (the bridegroom) and his wonderful partner (the bride) to have a great, successful and accomplishing marriage, blessed with lots of healthy, happy, bright and wise kids. The father of the groom wedding speech examples and templates that are offered in the resource on this website contain multiple interesting ways for blessing the newlyweds and their union.

The toast that a father delivers at his son’s wedding reception can be finished in various ways. The most common method of finishing such an oration (an actually any kind of wedding speech) is by proposing a toast to the persons that have just unified their destinies: the bride and the groom. You ought to do this by asking the attendees to raise their glasses and drink for the success of the new marriage. Other interesting ways of ending any wedding oration (not only a father of groom toast) imply reciting an appropriate quote or poem, or even telling a suitable joke.

The resource on this website includes lots of quotations about marriage and love, that can be incorporated in any portion of the toast: in its intro, as well as in its body and in its ending. You can choose from this valuable collection of quotes the quotations that you think that fit best with the theme of your toast. Some of these quotes are funny, so you can entertain very quickly and easily the audience, if you use these funny quotations, but take care not to upset any guest. Your father of the groom speech can also be ended by congratulating the newlyweds (your son and his spouse) and telling them that everyone loves them.

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