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Wedding Speeches – Father of the Groom

When it comes to wedding toasts, father of the groom speech is one of the most important orations at a wedding reception. Every groom’s father that has to offer a speech at his son’s marriage reception must know that the secret behind the perfect toast is a successful presentation. In this article I will reveal you the most important three tips that enable you to deliver it in the best possible way, just like a professional public speaker.

One of the greatest mistakes that the majority of the wedding speakers do is that they focus only on the content of their toast (in this case – the father of groom speech), underestimating the importance of presentation. Well, the truth is that the presentation is, sometimes, more important than the content of the speech. This is happening mainly because no matter how interesting and brilliant the ideas in your wedding toast are, if you don’t know how to present them to your audience, you won’t impress it. On the other hand, if your speech does not contain extraordinary ideas, but you deliver it in such a way that it seems to be very smart, you will look like an important and interesting person, and your audience will be very pleased.

Even when it comes to father of the groom wedding speeches, “attitude is everything”. You have certainly noticed that, nowadays, a person’s attitude is far more important than that person’s real value. That’s because most of us “judge the books by their covers” – and the presentation is actually the “cover” of the speech. That’s why it is so important to make sure that your speech’s presentation is perfect (click here to find out more about this). But be careful not to neglect the content of your oration! You should pay attention both to the content and the presentation (i.e. the way you deliver the content).

In the hope that I made you understand the importance of the father of the groom speeches‘ presentation, I continue this article with the three most powerful secrets of a successful presentation. The first one is the speaker’s interaction with his audience. You should know that all the professional public speakers interact with their audience and – very important! – they don’t speak as if they were pupils telling the lesson at school, in front of the teacher. Instead, they involve their listeners in their speech. Here are the most powerful ways to do that: speak as if you were conversing with an old friend (and not like reciting a poem at school), look at each wedding guest in the eyes (and do not look in only one direction), address directly to your audience as often as possible (using the pronoun “you”), ask the listeners questions during the speech (e.g. tag questions or “…, don’t you think?”) and include the guests in your speech (by saying something like “you can imagine…”, “you all know that…”).

The second most important tip for a wonderful presentation is to practice your father of groom speech – to repeat it many times (at least 7 times) before the wedding reception. During the repetition of the speech, it’s very helpful to have at your disposal a few cards with the most important ideas of your oration written on them – cards from which you can inspire (not read!) while delivering the speech. While repeating the speech, you should practice visualization – you must imagine that you are at the wedding reception and all the guests are looking at you, listening your speech. By practicing visualization, you will get used to speaking in front of a large audience.

The third secret of a great presentation (of the wedding speeches) lies in the speaker’s ability to “act as if”. If you want to have an extraordinary speech, while repeating and while delivering the speech, you should permanently “act as if” you were a very professional, experienced, self-confident and successful public speaker, for whom speaking in front of a large audience is something very easy. You can use the powerful technique of “acting as if” by asking yourself (while composing, repeating and delivering the speech): “How would a confident, experienced and successful public speaker behave while giving a speech?”, “How would he speak?”, “Where and how would he look?”, “What words would he use?”, “What would be his gestures?”, and then by doing the same.

To sum up, all the great wedding speeches for father of the groom have in common an excellent presentation (the presentation refers to the way in which the speech’s content is presented to the public). And the success of such a presentation lies mainly in the three tips above: the interaction with the audience, the practicing of the speech and the “acting as if”.

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  1. Dennis says:

    excellent and very useful tips. Most tips I found for the wedding speech were mostly useless, but these 3 are indeed important. Of course, there are more things to consider, but I guess you’ll discuss them in the next articles

  2. I like the 3rd technique, I use it very often in my self-improvement programs, it’s a very powerful tool

    • Larry says:

      Yeah, I, myself, got it from there too. I’m also into this personal development field and I thought some tips could apply very well to the wedding speeches also, not only on business presentations

      • Christien says:

        Hehe.. I’m glad I’m not the only one interested in the personal development tips. And also, I’m glad that the tips I learned will now help me write my speech

  3. Patrick D. says:

    The presentation is very important in a speech. I watched an example on youtube and even though the groom’s father said a few nice words and it was obviously that he put some thought into the speech, it was boooooring. I mean, 80% of it was crap… you can’t do such thing

    • Larry says:

      Yep, I know how it’s like. I watched tens and hundreds of speeches and let me tell you, no matter how cool is your speech, in essence, if your presentation sucks, it’s a big fail

  4. Terry says:

    thanks a lot for the tips man and for the great thing you do with the blog. I can’t wait to see more examples, maybe I will use one for my speech

  5. I am the father of the groom and I am also paying for the entire wedding. The brides father is not covering any of the cost. Do I let him speak first or should it be me since I am the host. I am torn hear as everything I read says it’s tradition that he speaks first, but I also feel the honor is mine since I am paying for the wedding.

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